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I hope you watch American Idol, because tonight Taylor Hicks, the greatest thing since American Idol sliced bread, sang Levon. It was magical.


Okay...I'll take a shot at what I think will be some songs in your top ten...with very little confidence that I'll be right...

Your Song
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Grey Seal

Those aren't very obscure enough though I'll bet...

I think you'll have Your Song really high...but not first. Someone Saved?


"Rocket Man" is my hit-the-seek-button Elton John song. Talk about inane lyrics. "It's just my job five days a week." What, he commutes to Mars?

I'm guessing "Robert Ford" is your number one. Or "Island Girl."


So many good songs ol' Elton has. Too many just to own the Greatest Hits, maybe even too many to own a few of the most solid albums. (I know the guy's work but don't own any of his stuff and want to rectify that.) Possible solution: a greatest hits and a couple of the best albums.


Not sure if I am right on this one, but I believe "Philadelphia Freedom" to be your number one pick.


Rebecca said the same thing tonight...

"I'll bet it's Philadelphia Freedom."

I asked why, and she replied: "Pennsylvania guy."


Okay I am right about Philadelphia Freedom it is not because I saw the list (which I haven't because the hubby hasn't put the top ten in writing) it is because I know that Philly Freedom was the very first song he ever purchased.

Mountain Mama

"Your Song" is one of the loveliest pop songs of all time and should be #1. It always wants to make me cry and I don't know why. And no, it's not associated with some long-lost love of mine, either. Just a lovely song.


No "Love Lies Bleeding?"


Ol' Froth -- remember, there are still 10 more songs to go. That one ranks high on the Bob-o-Meter. VERRRY high.


Well thank Ba'al for that! The bridge from the organ dirge of Funeral for a Friend to Love lies bleeding is sheer brilliance! And the lyrics are poetry! "the flowers in the window box are tilted to one side, everything about this house was born to grow and die". The only thing that comes close in rock is Springsteen's Thunder Road, with, "The screendoor slams, Mary's dress waves. Like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays."

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